Imperial Agents

Planet Fall
Arriving and making contacts - Adventure III

Modrick Canth, John Mardia, Mangus , and Vin Castellan climbed aboard the Samhain Grim and cleared the VSD Subjugator. They arrived at the planet Gabren and landed at The Moncalimari district looking for a residence to set up. On the way down ISB CPT and Samhain Grim Captain Jaelian Dressler recommended an old friend of his they look up, Chorus Noth. They explored a few sites, looking for a place to establish a safehouse, when they decided to look up Noth. He was being released from a detention facility that evening, so they rushed over to pick him up. They were not alone in trying to meet him there, when two other speeders pulled up. When Noth was released, he saw the other two speeders filled with Hutt thugs and jumped into the heroes speeder. Modrick hilariously tried to distract the thugs by explaining how their lives could be saved through spiritualism.

“Friends, have you heard the good news lately? Would you believe that even ones such as yourselves can escape a life of criminal activity if you only seek to better yourselves spiritually?”

John fired a well aimed shot at the thugs unstable speeder car which ignited a bunch of grenades and fusion cells, and blew up the car. Vin fired an ion charge at the speeder truck which disabled its repulsordive, and enabled our heroes speedy escape.

The returned Chorus Noth to his bar, the “Nova Nymph” where it was ransacked and empty. 18 months of being in a detention center made his fledgling crime empire turn to dust. They were not alone in his club, they were met by a representative from Noth’s old days, Stijzian a twi-lek and sublieutenant to a Vigo of the Black Sun. He reminded Noth that he still owed them 2 million credits and to deliver it, or he was a dead man.

Noth said he had it in a cache, and a smuggler woman he knew was keeping it for him. They went to go find her at a gambling hall called “the Drunken Draagax”. A classy joint, with an angry Trandoshan at the door named Gambis, they quickly found their woman, a red headed spacer human named “Eera Aquilla”. John tried his hand at gambling and earned 4,500 credits.

Modrick and Vin chatted with Eera, who is a feisty and indignant woman. They explained how they needed to recover Noth’s cache, and she told them that it was dumped before she was boarded for inspection on the Ice moon of Kurrald. She saw Noth behind them, and brought up a lot of previous issues with him, then slapped him and left.

John meet a Devonorian named Frenree, who works at the finance ministry. He persuaded him to have a meeting about a possible project in the future.

Detention A image of the Mon Calimari District Detention facility where Chorus Noth spent the last 18 months, and the heroes were attacked by Hutt thugs.

Prologue II - Fixing and getting Fixed
Meet Jaelian Dressler

Castallanand Johnwork on some repairs and improvements to the crews armor and outfits, making them appear a little less imperial for their undercover operation. They also do a little research on the capital city and consider options for a future safe house. (Mangus’ improved Storm Trooper Armor to the right) The Characters also receive their false identities… They are acting as contractors Looking to get a contract from the city to build a new Sports Arena, General purpose: Battleball, Livewedgesphere, Grappledisc, and airspeeder racing.

Solar Horizon Construction a company with a fake office out of Gall spaceport.
  • Cass is Wolf Felidoron from Minos Cluster the union rep.
  • John is Edus Bonga from Anaxis head engineer.
  • Mangus is Jospi Leone from Coruscant the foreman.
  • Canth is Boc Rekkon from Coruscant, the financier.
  • Castallan is Bendak Versio from Corellia Project manager.


After fixing that, they resolved to find their pilot who would deliver them to the planet surface, ISB-CPT Jaellian Dressler. They found him outside the officer’s club on the VSD, accosting a female ISB-Major. She puts him at attention, insults him and marches off. Dressler smiles and is introduced to the party. Meanwhile, John starts to get inebriated at the Deckhand’s club.

He takes them to the Samhain Grim, at Pad 4 in the main bay. He changes out of his ISB uniform and introduces them to his filthy ship…

“the inside of the ship is an amazing contradiction. Exotic polished teaks from destroyed forest planets. Strange sculptures. The ship is the mix of a fine gentleman and a squatter. Books left open and some partially burned. Cheap food rotting in corners. A few dead fish in a large panel aquarium. And what could be a fancy bar, ravaged with broken and empty bottles.”

John repairs Dressler’s BD-3000 droid, JEN-V3, and they discuss the up coming mission over an old bottle of Barbel Bloodsour.

Prologue I - Initial Briefing
The "heroes" join Team Noble Cancer

The Team meets in the main theater aboard VSD Subjugator. They are approaching Orbit of planet Glaubren in the Loxys Sector at 33.2.1 (33 years after the great resynchronization [2 years before the battle of Yavin] in the second month, and first day.)

They receive a briefing from MAJ Nolas Reik about the mission they have been specifically chosen for.

Fade In “The stars fade and the screen pans down to a Victory Class Star Destroyer, soaring silently through a vast black canvas of stars to a tiny orange planet. The VSD Subjugator is making its way to the planet Gabren the captial world of the Loxys Sector. Inside the VSD crews are bustling, deckmen march the hallways, troopers are on stand to in formation, and the officers are conferring. Through the cold grey walls of the imperial warmachine, our four intrepid heroes sit in a vast audience theater, like a speck in an ocean… their higher was issued a transmission for them to report to this hall at 2300 and receive a brief from a MAJ Reik. It is now 2255…”

Details “Evening. I Major Reik,” his tone is flat and his Annunciation perfect, but there is no expression to his voice. “You have been specifically picked to form the advon party of our mission into the Loxys sector. You will not report to your previous units for duty, and tomorrow you will begin your new assignment tomorrow. The briefing you are about receive is classified as Top Secret Condition Gamma.”

Reik’s gloved fingers take a few taps and the door to the hall seals with a vacuumed woosh. He looks up and takes in your visible disappointments… “Situation- Agents of the rebellion are moving into the neutral sector of Loxys. Loxys is an independent sector which thrives on the manufacture of hyper drive components, exotic gases and contracted military equipment. The sector did not participate in the war verses the separatists. You will find a more detailed brief regarding the background of the sector, in your mission profile when you return to your rooms. Continuing, Enemy- We expect a small diplomacy party of roughly 40 individuals with a security element in the company size, maximum. Criminal elements in the sector have taken neither side on the issue of loyalty, and should be cultivated as agents in your mission. The local government is not friendly to Imperial diplomatic overtures, consider local security forces hostile, but the rules of engagement will specifically prevent you from firing on them… ahem. If you understand.

Mission: Team Noble Cancer will infiltrate Loxys local government institutes and criminal enterprises no later than 32.3.1RSyCH (30 days from now) in the city of Travallean Major In Order To prepare the planet for the eventual synchronization with the Imperial Tarkin-Ollenstir Expansion Doctrine.

Concept of the Operation – Your four man team will infiltrate, produce local contacts and prepare the objective for either a diplomatic or military solution to the governments resistance on joining the Imperial Senate. Commander’s Endstate: That after 30 days, the planet will be properly shaped for a main effort to occupy and accept an Imperial Moff. Key Tasks, One, do not become discovered. Two, locate and identify, but do not destroy, Rebellion intelligence and diplomatic personnel. Three, cultivate local criminal agents and enterprises, so we will be able to smuggle supplies and caches for the possibility of a full scale invasion as well as, use the local agents to provide information with credits, that our limited personnel restrictions currently prevent us from doing. Coordinating instructions- expect other Imperial Intelligence teams to be working in the sector, some from higher and some from Sector Plexus, but do not engage them. What are your questions at this time?”

Captain Castellan will be the Team Leader, and Officer in Charge.

Staff Sergent Shills will be his Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, and second in command.

Intelligence and Communication will be Lieutenant Canth.

Weapons and Security will be Corporal Mangus.

Logistics will be managed SGT Mardia


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