Imperial Agents

Prologue II - Fixing and getting Fixed

Meet Jaelian Dressler

Castallanand Johnwork on some repairs and improvements to the crews armor and outfits, making them appear a little less imperial for their undercover operation. They also do a little research on the capital city and consider options for a future safe house. (Mangus’ improved Storm Trooper Armor to the right) The Characters also receive their false identities… They are acting as contractors Looking to get a contract from the city to build a new Sports Arena, General purpose: Battleball, Livewedgesphere, Grappledisc, and airspeeder racing.

Solar Horizon Construction a company with a fake office out of Gall spaceport.
  • Cass is Wolf Felidoron from Minos Cluster the union rep.
  • John is Edus Bonga from Anaxis head engineer.
  • Mangus is Jospi Leone from Coruscant the foreman.
  • Canth is Boc Rekkon from Coruscant, the financier.
  • Castallan is Bendak Versio from Corellia Project manager.


After fixing that, they resolved to find their pilot who would deliver them to the planet surface, ISB-CPT Jaellian Dressler. They found him outside the officer’s club on the VSD, accosting a female ISB-Major. She puts him at attention, insults him and marches off. Dressler smiles and is introduced to the party. Meanwhile, John starts to get inebriated at the Deckhand’s club.

He takes them to the Samhain Grim, at Pad 4 in the main bay. He changes out of his ISB uniform and introduces them to his filthy ship…

“the inside of the ship is an amazing contradiction. Exotic polished teaks from destroyed forest planets. Strange sculptures. The ship is the mix of a fine gentleman and a squatter. Books left open and some partially burned. Cheap food rotting in corners. A few dead fish in a large panel aquarium. And what could be a fancy bar, ravaged with broken and empty bottles.”

John repairs Dressler’s BD-3000 droid, JEN-V3, and they discuss the up coming mission over an old bottle of Barbel Bloodsour.



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