John Mardia

Sergeant in the Imperial Army, tech specialist


Born in the slums of a city stretching over the whole of a run down and ignored planet, in a backwater sector of the galaxy, John Sebastian Mardia never had any official schooling. His parents taught him to read, write, and fix basic machinery. He helped his father in his shop, and his mother in the kitchen. And that would have been his whole life, had his parents not been killed during a gang war, and he forced to live on the streets. Scavenging to survive, he found various texts on science and technology, which he studied obsessively, not merely because the interested him, but also because what they taught allowed him to make a basic living repairing droids and computers for wealthier people. Upon reaching the minimum age, he attempted to enlist in the imperial engineer corp. He was flatly rejected. He toiled away for another year, before someone actually looked at his test scores.

He was enlisted that afternoon.

His first mission went… poorly. His squad leader, a Lt. Asomodeus, was to bring a group of specialists from the engineer corp on a mission to sabotage ground based structures on the planet of Coveal VI. Within 4 hours after touchdown, half the team was dead, and Asomodeus had surrendered. John, however, had slipped away during the initial fighting. Using a combination of stealth and computer hacking, he managed to avoid detection for 3 weeks, all while destroying both the primary and secondary targets. By the time the planet’s military had caught up with him, he had already boarded and left on a small cargo freighter, a fake ID and a short interview landing him a job as a mechanic. His actions earned him a new rank, and the attentions of the both the ISB and the Bureau of Imperial Intelligence. His performance while on his newest assignment will determine whether or not he is skilled enough to work for one of the agencies.

John Mardia

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