MAJ Nolas Reik

ISB Major in charge of Operation Noble Cancer


42, White Human from the Core Worlds. A young member of the Republic Youth Brigade who took a role as a district leader in his newly named SAGroup. Did well in school, focusing his studies on a Ethnic Galactography and economics. Took up a job in the Coalition for Improvements in his sector and had a great deal of success motoring art and increased cultural standards on a world by 50%.

Reik was recruited into a Outer Rim Sector’s branch of “Redesign”, and all details related to the matter are classified as State Secrets.

After that he is stationed to Coruscant and given an ISB Rank of Captain, where he was detached to His Imperial Majesty’s Military Household, specific assignment unknown, and he frequently disappears for extended periods of time, with no updates to his Defense Travel System record.

Next comes a deployment to a COMPForce Assault Regiment from Eriadu as a Cultural & Informations Operations Officer and ISB Liaison on the Colonel’s staff. His ORB is again blacked out here, as the COMPForce regiments entire tour was classified. What we do know, is the regiment came back nicknamed “Tarkin’s Butchers” and he was highly decorated.

He is promoted to the rank of Major and stationed back on Coruscant doing work for the Select Committee for a brief period, until he laterally transfers to COMPForce Assault Special Operations Authority in the J. Pierce Dollan Building in the Salusa District of Imperial City. He worked on the Plans and Operations staff for several months before instructing a class “rectifying border irregularities” and “rationalization of statistically-aberrant demo-contradictions” at Tallowgraph at the Lee Institute of Special Purposes and Reform.

He is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and attached to the staff of a Minister-Counselor and Xeno-sympathizer in the Diplomatic Corps where he performed the roll as a Coalition for Improvements & ISB Adviser. Only three months later a reduction board is convened for unspecified reasons and the unnamed board’s findings sealed. Reik is reduced to the rank of Major. Unconfirmed reports from people close to the Minister-Counselor described his Reik’s recommendations as “Insane”, and the secretly to the minister-counselor said, “the man is completely out of touch with reality.”

After his reduction he returns to special assignments for the Select Committee for two months, when he is assigned to be the ISB Liaison Officer to Moff Ekkart in the Lodyx Sector of the Outer Rim.

MAJ Nolas Reik

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