The Moncalimari distric

The Moncalimari district was a colony by the sea established a few thousand years ago and has developed into a nice, balmy dump. Turns out the represenative democracy which ruled the autonomous sector of MalCal as its called, was terribly corrupt and each faction invited in out of area thugs who eventually took over. Three families of Twi’leks, run this sector, and some call it Mal-Shadda, because its filthy crime ridden nature reminds many of Nar Shadda.

Mogul’s Starport

You leave the starport and pass the regular spacer fare, aliens, smugglers, women of easy virtue and enter the wet streets of this brown and steel scumtropolis. Vertical yellow lights and violent neon signs hue everything on the causeways. Deep chasms form speeder routes from block to block, reminiscant of mega cities in the corps worlds. You can see the tips of the spires probably forty stories up, and still see lights of buildings down the chasms for about another 30 stories down. The spaces are not rife with speeder traffic, but a gentle rain and the slow movement of people on the causeways gives the whole neon visual a lazy-downer spice trip feel. Steam drifts through vents in the building sides garbage in alleys push a fairly foul oder throughout the city canyons.

Nova Nymph

A club run by local gangster Chorus Noth on the outskirts of Mon-Shadda

Drunken Draagax

A gambling hall run out of an industrial airspeeder yard. Chic. Door is operated by a Trandoshan named Gambis.

The Moncalimari distric

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