Jenaveeve JEN-V3

A heavily modified BD-3000 Luxury droid. Her face has been replaced with a flat internal holoprojector which displays a very animated blue holo-face. She has a styled metal blonde hair dressing on top of her head. Around her hips is a pea-green utility belt with hydrospanners and quarkwrenches.

She has a Kuati dominate female personality and was originally programed after a famous Opera singer who was a resident at the Galaxies Opera house before she died tragically in a speeder accident. Many owners, modifications, and a faulty memory wiping protocol has resulted in JEN-V3’s saucy attitude.

Her previous owner was a Twi’lek gangster on Nar-Shadda, that abused her. Jaelian met her at a card game at is house, where she was serving drinks, later that week, he broke into the house, and met her again. The Twi’lek came in, and Jaelian convinced the droid to kill her owner. The Twi’lek laughed, knowing droids can’t bring violence upon their owner. JEN-V3 took the blaster from Jaelian and shot the Twi’lek dead. Together they made their escape and she’s adventured with him ever since. Jaelian later examined her programming, and discovered her safety protocols were turned off and hard wired/fired never to be repaired or turned back on.

She’s a capable pilot and mechanic who keeps the Samhain Grim running, but not clean.


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