Travallean Major

Travallean is the Lodyx sector capital. A city that sprawls most of a continent, it has been a center for travel and commerce in the sector since the dawn of hyperdrives. The city is home to the Sector’s House of Lords, and other key government institutions which run the Sector.

The Moncalimari distric

The Moncalimari district was a colony by the sea established a few thousand years ago and has developed into a nice, balmy dump. Turns out the represenative democracy which ruled the autonomous sector of MalCal as its called, was terribly corrupt and each faction invited in out of area thugs who eventually took over. Three families of Twi’leks, run this sector, and some call it Mal-Shadda, because its filthy crime ridden nature reminds many of Nar Shadda.

The Executiveplexus

The Executiveplexus is where the financial district is. Many banking towers loom over this area, and street crime has gotten so bad in the past forty years, elaborate sky bridges have been built between the towers, and the companies simply sealed the doors to the ground floor. Gypsy cities, huts, tent towns and black markets now grow at the base and up the sides of these buildings like moss.

The Oreworks

The Oreworks is an old refinery area, which was once an industrial mecha. But importing refined ore into durasteel became cheaper as the Loxys government expanded throughout the sector and the factories, refineries and shoddy worker housing blocs have been abandoned to whoever would move in. First it was offworlders, then the blacksun moved in and organized it as a powerful voting block in in city elections. The past four mayors have been from this dump, and all money directed to clean the area up is siphoned off world.

The Glitzy 'Dungeon' sector

Travallean Major

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